Tesira 3.8

Single Network Connections

One of our most requested features is finally available! All of our Tesira DSPs, as well as our rack-mounted amps, can now pass control traffic and AVB traffic over a single network connection. Don’t worry — we still support separate control and AVB traffic connections, so you won’t have to make any configuration changes to your existing systems once 3.8 is deployed. Check out our new article on Cornerstone for more detail.

Control Tunneling

Another one of our most requested features is also available! Tesira 3.8 exposes the RS-232 ports on all of our DSPs to external control systems. With full two-way communication supported, designers can control attached devices as they see fit, which can be especially useful for networked video systems like TesiraLUX. We’ve also updated the equipment table in Tesira software to make it easier to pre-stage a system, too. A new article has been posted on Cornerstone to help guide you with control tunneling in Tesira.

Standalone VoIP Webpage

And yet another of our most requested features is now available! (are you seeing a trend?...) All of our VoIP-enabled products now support the ability to access VoIP settings via a web browser. Now the VoIP engineer or technology manager can configure VoIP settings by pointing their web browser at the VoIP interface’s IP address. And while it’s similar to the VoIP functionality supported in SageVue, the new standalone VoIP webpages support the full gamut of VoIP settings found in Tesira software. Much more information is available on Cornerstone.