Audio Solutions for Large Conference Rooms

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Every conference call is more productive with great audio. And doughnuts.

“Yay, another meeting!”

No sane person has ever said that. Unless, of course, there were going to be doughnuts at the meeting.

Many meetings are a slog just to get through, where you should get a participation award for the simple act of staying awake the entire time. The meeting might be run poorly, or there’s no agenda, or nothing actually gets accomplished because everybody talks about their plans for the weekend instead of the meeting topic.

Even worse: the awful experience of a teleconference or video call, where it seems like it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get the call started successfully. Once the conference has started, usually the audio is so bad you leave the meeting exhausted because you’ve had to strain to hear what’s being said, or yell to be heard.

We feel your pain
Technology is supposed to help make things better, not worse. And that’s where Biamp can help you. We take the technology stress out of the room, allowing you to forget about all of the equipment and focus on the topic at hand. And the doughnuts. Here are some of the things Biamp can do for you:

  • Send crystal clear audio to the people on the other end of the call
  • Allow you and everyone else in the room to move around naturally – stand up, sit down, face the whiteboard – without impacting the audio quality
  • Enter the room and just get the meeting started. Full disclosure: you might have to plug in a USB cable, but we know you can do it. We believe in you.

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In large conference rooms, you no longer have to yell into a phone at the center of the table to be heard. With a wide range of conferencing options, Biamp solutions allow you to run productive meetings with excellent call quality. 

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