Audio Solutions for Hospitality

Solutions for Hospitality

Whether it’s a romantic dinner or sports playoff, the quality of the audio can make or break the event.

Every audience member, diner, and even weekend shopper has high expectations for audio that enhances their experience.

Hospitality scenarios often involve a variety of spaces—common areas, meeting rooms, restaurants, ballrooms, and more—each requiring different AV capabilities. Biamp understands the complexities of multi-purpose facilities. We have expertise ranging from powerful amplification and sound reinforcement in stadium and theater applications, to department stores and restaurants requiring sound distribution for background music, to sophisticated room combining and mixing systems with paging and timed announcements.

The scalability of our products and systems gives you the flexibility to design without compromise. Our intuitive Ethernet-based digital signal processors provide a full range of AV routing and signal processing features in single, economical, and easy-to-install chassis, with enhanced audio intelligibility and system performance.

Biamp offers numerous solutions for hospitality needs. Our Networked Media Systems can run several solutions simultaneously, keeping pace with rapidly changing business needs and allowing the hotel or resort to accommodate different types of events at the same time, from conferences to large tour packages to weddings.


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