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Around the world, around the clock, Biamp equipment manages and delivers immersive AV experiences.

  • Our Product Is Our People

    Our Product Is
    Our People

  • Helping Customers Succeed Is Our Passion. Also Bacon.

    Helping Customers
    Succeed Is Our Passion

  • 40+ Years Of Innovative Solutions

    Years Of Innovative

  • Award-Winning Products


We deliver, manage, and enhance professional audio and video for the most effective, natural communications possible.

You’re in the AV business because you love it. Us too. We’re musicians, sound engineers, tinkerers, and most importantly, AV geeks. We’ve taken our love of AV and poured it into high-quality products that are customized to fit and flex with the venue, customer specifications, and budget.

Most people have never seen Biamp products, but you've probably heard or seen them work wonders—in spaces large and small, around the world, and around the clock. With professional AV systems installed in over 100 countries, we go beyond making sound intelligible. Our systems make sound resonate clearly and naturally, for the most effective communications possible.

Our manufacturing process is the key. From initial DSP design and engineering development, to prototyping and fabrication, to in-depth testing and quality assurance, we manage everything within our walls. The result is shorter lead times, faster response, and increased convenience for you and your customers.

Delivering a quality product experience also means being committed to helping you maintain them. Our applications engineers, customer service team, and regional managers are always there for you. Whether you need help designing a system or finding an answer a specific technical question, we have the expertise to be of service.

Our goal is to help you deliver an unmatched level of innovation, quality, and reliability in your AV projects. We do our best work when building AV systems that make you look, and sound, great.

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