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AudiaFUSION is a product so innovative we had to create a completely new category to describe it: Networked Amplified Processor. A full-featured DSP with enough power to drive a system of its own, AudiaFUSION is a leap forward in audio technology. It allows you to configure systems that are decentralized, placing components close to speakers for reduced labor and material costs. And when you install AudiaFUSION in a system together with AudiaFLEX, processing resources are shared, making the entire system more efficient. The potential to save money and maximize profit is, well, revolutionary.


  • Modular based design
  • Amplification modules have software configurable power levels/load options
    • Maximum of 2400 Watts of power in 3 rack spaces
  • TCP/IP Network controllable
  • LED Indication:
    • Signal present
    • Peak present
    • Clip present
    • Heat sink temperature fault
    • Amplifier failure
    • Fan stuck-rotor
  • Internal amplifier module failover mode
  • Entire device failover mode
  • Software Monitoring Features:
    • Peak present
    • Heatsink temperature value, warning and fault
    • Short circuit on output
    • Amplifier failure
    • Impedance min/max threshold warning
    • Excessive clipping
    • Fan stuck-rotor
  • Seamless integration with CobraNet-enabled Audia systems
  • CobraNet Interface (16 channels in/16 channels out)
  • CobraNet latency 5-1/3, 2-2/3 or 1-1/3 ms, software configurable
  • Dual CobraNet ports for redundancy
  • Configurable with Audia software
  • Controllable with RED-1, daVinci or third party control systems
  • Selectable 115/230 volt operation

Networked Paging Station

Designed exclusively for use with AudiaFLEX and AudiaFUSION systems, the Networked Paging Station-1 is a microphone console engineered to carry audio, control and power all through a single cable. Featuring an innovative user interface, the NPS-1 allows users to quickly switch between pre-programmed paging groups and zones, making it perfect for stadiums, convention centers, shopping malls, hospitals and similar facilities. This CE-marked and RoHS-compliant microphone integrates with AudiaFLEX and AudiaFUSION networks via CobraNet® and can be used with in multiple station/multiple device systems. Additional benefits include 16 priorities with override and lockout functions, 32 programmable button operations, 16 simultaneous pages and the choice of Power Over Ethernet (PoE) or external power supply.

AudiaFUSION Card Options

AM-600 Amplifier Module Card
The AM-600 card offers software configurable power levels/load options with 8 amplification modules per frame with 100 to 600 Watts per module (maximum of 2400 Watts per chassis) and 70V or 100V with direct drive capability, or low-impedance (4 or 8 ohm) operation.

AudiaFUSION Software Downloads

AudiaFUSION Manuals & Data Sheets

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